39 days till Japan, 3 months till New York

Ohayo gozaimasu!

I’ve decided to start this blog in addition to my dinky little journalism blog, because I’m about to have the biggest summer of my life. I have had some pretty awesome summers.. touring with  choirs in Sweden, Norway, Czech Republic and Canada, and doing 4-5 week-long programs at music/art schools such as California Institute of the Arts and Berklee College of Music, but I’ve  never had a summer this crazy. I’m leaving for Japan – you guessed it – on June 19th, and coming back to Sacramento on July 10th, so about 3 weeks. I’m going with my boyfriend, who (this is amazing) is going to school at Tokyo Sushi Academy for about 2 months, but staying there for 3. We’ll be stopping in Nara, where the deer walk the streets with people; Kyoto, rich with shrines and beautiful temples; Kobe, famous for their well-cared-for cattle; Osaka, known for… well.. food; Nagoya, for its fabulous castle; and of course, Tokyo. I still can’t believe I’m going there.. it seems unreal.

Even more unreal is what’s happening after I get back. I’ll be back for a week before I host my fundraiser concert/party.. It will be July 21st, and I’ll have 4 or 5 different jazz groups (including mine) perform and donations will be welcome. Should be quite the party! I’ll post more info about it when it gets closer.

After that, it’s packing, selling everything I can from my room, cleaning, and preparing for New York. I’ll be leaving sometime before August 20th, and I’ll be starting school at The New School for Jazz and Contemporary Music in Manhattan, NY.

Boy, is that a shock. I am absolutely stoked. It is time, at 21 years old, to take the leap and move across the country. I need this. To move forward, to grow, to move on, and to get started working toward my career as a singer, teacher and artist. I’ll miss my family, and of course, my wonderful, amazing boyfriend. But in the end I think they’ll all be glad I did it.. because I’ll come out as a much more mature person. Living, and trying to survive on my own is going to be a shock that cannot truly be prepared for, but it’s what I need.

Anyways.. this is my first personal blog.. and it’s kinda weird. I think I’ll end it now.. but I’ll be updating about my odd jobs, packing, Japan, fundraisers, and NY!



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