Beef, deer and okonomiyaki!

Hi from Tokyo!! I’m going to go back in time to earlier in my trip, when Pete and I left Kyoto to visit Kobe, Nara, and Osaka! All wonderful experiences, but very different from the peaceful Kyoto!

We stayed only one night in Kobe, but it was quite a night. The beef was worth the money we forked up for it.

Here are our happy faces after we ate the most amazing beef ever.



Then, we went to the perfect after-amazing-meal relaxant – an onsen. It was called Arima-onsen, in a town devoted to onsens! Onsens are public natural hot spring bath houses. Here’s the only picture we could take since everyone was naked… The springs from which the baths sprung!


Nara was quite wonderful because of the deer. No, we did not eat deer… We pet them!


The second picture is me trying to feed the baby deer a cracker and failing because the big deer are so greedy! I never thought I would be nibbled on and chased by a group of deer!

We also visited the temple that contains the biggest Buddah statue on earth! (I am assuming there are bigger ones in space.) I can’t recall the name of the temple.

This is us in front of it, though you can’t see it!


Next was Osaka. Our first stop was the Osaka-Jo castle! We didn’t go in, but it’s beautiful enough from the outside. It’s surrounded by water.


Then we met up with Pete’s friend Julie, who lives in Osaka, and went to the Uneda Sky Building. It was beautiful from the top!
Here’s the way up:

It was also windy…


We didn’t take any pictures with Julie but you can see her here with the food! Well.. It’s mostly the food. Okonomiyaki… So good.


This kani (crab) restaurant in Osaka is pretty famous! I had kani nigiri.


The view from the restaurant was pretty cool… A famous river in Osaka!


That’s the end of the first half of our trip, in the Kansai area of Japan! Next blog will be all Tokyo. Going home in a couple days! I will miss this amazing country.
Thanks for reading!
Arigato gozaimashita!!!


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