New York, New School, New Start, and other things!

Since I got back from Japan it has been non-stop getting my fundraiser ready, preparing to move and working! Sorry I haven’t had time to update!! Hopefully I will become more of a regular blogger soon. But that might not happen if i’m crazy busy in NY! The fundraiser, which was called New York, New School, New Start, happened on July 21st and was wonderful. I still can’t believe it really happened. It doesn’t help that I didn’t have a designated picture-taker, so there are only like 5 decent pictures!! Some of them are from my friend Jeff’s phone, one is from Stuart’s phone, and one is from my camera. It was a beautiful party. The food was beautifully displayed and delicious, but there are no pictures! The tables looked perfect with my friend Karen’s tablecloths and bouquets made by Laura. Here’s pictures where you can sort of see them!

Beth Duncan opened the night with a wonderful set!!!

My mom made a little speech 🙂

It felt really amazing singing for an audience of people who had all supported me in different ways throughout my life.. I am so lucky!

The next day, I took pictures of the beautiful flower arrangements.. there were little cards with my picture in them!

That’s all I have from the fundraiser so far!! I am still trying to contact people for pictures. After the fundraiser, I buckled down and started working my 3 house sitting/dog walking/plant watering jobs at once and teaching lots of voice lessons. That’s not to say I didn’t get to enjoy some Sacramento nature…

Or go to dinner with my Mom and brother at Aioli!

And last night, I went to hear my friends CAVE Women play a show at Harlows! It was pretty awesome!

I got decked out… I now have a CAVE Women shirt and a sweet hand made notebook!! Love these girls!

In other news… my room currently looks like this:

… I should probably go attend to that. Till next time! Maybe I’ll be in New York!


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